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Leandro Izquierdo assumes as the new Executive Director of the multinational firm VíaCiencia

Leandro Izquierdo, Executive Director ViaCiencia

VíaCiencia, a company in the ideas and knowledge sector that looks to the growth, progress and prosperity of companies, institutions and countries, has appointed Leandro Izquierdo as its new Executive Director.

Leandro Izquierdo has a long and recognized career in multinational companies leading high-performance teams and projects locally and in Latin America. He has successfully led the Colombian Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Companies for six years, in addition to being an undergraduate and graduate professor at the Universidad de los Andes and Externado de Colombia in the areas of market research and marketing.

VíaCiencia, a multinational market research and insights firm made up of a holding company of leading firms in its natural markets and in Latin America, has a presence in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

Founded in 2019, VíaCiencia has a base of hundreds of experts from various disciplines who are committed to innovation in techniques and offering information, analysis and strategies to make opportunities flourish and exceed new demands in areas such as brand studies, consumer experience , reputation, go to market, business intelligence, government and public opinion, among others. It seeks to be the strategic partner helping its clients grow above the rest of the market, understanding science as the way to delve into problems and give value to solutions, being digital natives.

We welcome Leandro, confident of his and VíaCiencia's success, as a leading firm in the generation of knowledge.

España: (+34) 609 12 7837

Perú: (+51) 949 075 002

México: (+34) 670 897416

Chile: (+56) 9 9949 9229

Bolivia: (+591) 7562 7572

Brasil: (+5511) 99633 0930

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