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Germany, a new World Cup crash

Germany, a new World Cup crash
Germany, a new World Cup crash | Image taken from

If the theme of Argentina still resonates in the Qatar 2022 environment, now there will be two greats who will attract attention for their defeat in the Cup debut. Germany, which also had a good first half, ended up beaten 1-2 by Japan and questioned those who gave her as one of the favorites for the title. The result revealed several shortcomings of the German team that four and a half years ago also lost in its debut in Russia 2018, this time against Mexico (0-1) where they finally failed to advance from the group round. Preventing that from happening again will be a difficult task considering that their next rival is Spain, which met their expectations of victory, 56%, thus increasing their chance of winning the competition to 8%. The German team, for its part, not only sees its title options diminished, which are now 1.2%, but as a result of what has been said here, it also moves away from the chances of going to the round of 16, now only 24%. Belgium, another of the countries that is expected to be the protagonist, was not out of place and fulfilled its 64% favoritism by beating Canada by the slightest difference after a spectacular match by its goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. The Belgians did not make their best presentation, but they took a victory that leaves them solo group leaders, after the 0-0 draw between Morocco and Croatia, and their chances of advancing to the phase are 86%.

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