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Transformamos el futuro a través de la generación de conocimiento basado en la Ciencia de Datos. Conoce


We are the community of Ibero-American experts that help organizations grow, progress and prosper through actionable insights based on scientific evidence.

Expertos de Iberoamérica
  • We help our clients grow above the rest of the market.

  • We understand science as the way to identify opportunities,  understand problems and add value through valid solutions.

  • We are digital natives.

Ciencia de Datos

We have aData Science Hubthat studies and provides solutions to complex problems to trigger processes through:

  • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive statistical models.

  • Solutions based on la  AI (Artificial Intelligence).

  • Recognition of images and text.

How do we do it?

we understand

The customer environment

The company

The data, existing and necessary

dreams and goals

we design

The intervention

The investigation

The instruments

The analysis

We measure and analyze 

build hypotheses

apply instruments


generate models

we act


Build consensus for action



ViaScience is the result of the union of leading companies in the sector in Latin America.

Logo Centro nacional de Consultoría
  • 35 yearsas experts in media evaluation, digital appropriation, social research, policy studies, public opinion and customer experience.


  • Main Sectors:Government, Education, Health, Energy, Media, Public Opinion, Banking, Insurance, and Telecommunications.

Logo AEI
  • 32 yearsas experts in the evaluation of reputation (Merco), brand, communication and in the measurement and use of tools in the digital field.


  • Main Sectors:Mass Consumption, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Energy, Fast Food and Automotive.

  • 10 yearsas a 360º research agency specialized in the integration of new technologies and advanced analysis techniques for consumer research.

  • Main Sectors: Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Retail and Automotive.

Logo Marketteam
  • 26 yearsmaking brand strategy, understanding buyers and consumers, evaluation of  customer experience, development of points of sale and portfolio strategy and prices.


  • Main Sectors:Mass Consumption,  Telecommunications, Construction and Pharmaceutical.


years of experience


clients throughout Latin America


Successful projects


experts in insights from different areas and countries

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Paises Víaciencia
Paises Víaciencia

Global network of experts

Our team of hundreds of experts has the expertise to interpret the value of each piece of data, making the difference between lag and anticipation.

Alejandro Valdivia

Alejandro Valdivia

data science

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Carlos Esteban Lemoine

Carlos Esteban Lemoine

digital transformation

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Alberto Merchan

Alberto Merchan

CX – Customer Experience

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Fabricio Alarcon

Fabricio Alarcon

audience measurement

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Antonio Lechón

Antonio Lechon

Brand reputation

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Brand reputation analysis

Companies are fundamental actors in the development society, democratic stability and wealth generation.

Análisis reputacional de Marca

We understand each sector and brand,  recommending the best research methodology to obtain insights for decision making

Our methodology for evaluating stakeholders and attributes allows us to identify  the key variables that impact  the reputation of companies, both at a general, ESG or talent level

In alliance withmarketwe do an exhaustive analysis of the brands, understanding the causes, and designing actions to improve their reputation

ad hoc studies

Our custom studies allow our clients to deeply understand the reputation and thus be able to take action

Estudios ad-hoc
Diagnostico reputacional

For companies that want to understand and improve their reputation


We diagnose and understand the key reputation variables to design effective strategies

Diagnosticamos y entendemos las variables claves de reputación para diseñar estrategias efectivas

Ranking de empresas

For companies that do not yet appear in the ranking


It allows obtaining strategic information to improve its recognition in the areas of action

Permite obtener información estratégica para mejorar su reconocimiento en las áreas de actuación.

Ranking para que las empresas se ubiquen mejor

For companies that are within the ranking

Deepen the studies and analysis looking for companies to be better located

Profundiza en los estudios y el análisis buscando que las empresas se ubiquen mejor.

Logo Merco
Seguimiento reputacional

For companies that want reputational monitoring

We continuously monitor the reputation of stakeholders, attributes or specific content

Profundiza en los estudios y el análisis buscando que las empresas se ubiquen mejor.

digital appropriation

Technology abandoned its merely supportive role and today stands in a prominent place with enormous capacity to bring about great social and economic changes. The adoption of digital behaviors in the world accelerated as a result of the pandemic. There is no industry, sector or country that today is absent from the vertigo that technology has imposed on almost all human activities.

Apropiacion Digital

The results of the digital appropriation index allow diagnosing the level of productivity of companies and individuals through the use of technological tools.

Indice de Apropiacion Digital

In alliance with theNational Consulting Center, CNC,We support the change in the culture of the organization "from paper to digital" or "transform" the way of relating completely.

Logo CNC

CX-Customer Experience

Faced with a highly competitive market, in which the differences with the competition are increasingly minimised, creating a customer experience becomes a strategic imperative and a real competitive advantage. Today more than ever we must maintain loyal and profitable customers.

Soluciones CX

Monitor del cliente, Medición de la relación basada en indicadores

Monitor del cliente

Medición de la relación basada en indicadores

Medimos  los componentes funcionales, de costo/beneficio y de  percepción de valor; mediante el diseño de instrumentos y la ejecución de la recolección a través de nuestro Contact Center basados en los indicadores de:

  • Satisfacción

  • Esfuerzo

  • Intención de continuar

  • Tasa de recomendación: NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Nuestro Modelo de

Abandono y Deserción de clientes

bajo variables de  Machine Learning permite un análisis científico para la toma de decisiones

Medimos y analizamos los puntos de contacto interno y externo

Experiencia 360

Entendimiento de la calidad de la relación en todas las fases

Analizamos y medimos los puntos de contacto internos y externos.

Mapeamos el Customer Journey, tanto del ciclo completo de la relación como en todos los puntos de contacto.

Identificamos los pasos que realiza el consumidor durante el proceso de buscar una solución a su problema, deseo o necesidad, profundizando en los puntos críticos de relación que impactan la satisfacción.

Customer Service

Modelo CX

Un modelo estratégico para gestionar el logro de clientes leales y rentables

En conjunto con nuestros clientes co-creamos estrategias integrales rediseñando experiencias a través de la reingeniería de procesos y la evaluación de la calidad de la información.

Nuestros expertos intervienen en el proceso diseñando la estrategia y  adiestrando el personal de contacto con el cliente de acuerdo a la nueva visión.

Our CX Model is based on:

Modelo se Deserción de clientes.png
  • The experience of success at a global and local level  in your application.

  • An own CATI structure that allows shared and competitive advantages.

  • The alliances that we have with the best digital platforms for collecting information.

  • Experience in the design and implementation of NPS (Net Promoter Score) methodologies and instruments and customer satisfaction.

audience measurement

We measure theTV Rating open or cable, in order to increase the communication effectiveness of brands through understanding audiences, applying advanced data science through probabilistic sample designs.

Medición de Audiencias

Our offer is focused on delivering useful, robust and understandable data on the way  how  the public are consuming, through a methodology that is characterized by:


  • It is not invasive and does not generate any awareness or responsibility to participating households  for providing information. There is no fatigue of the respondents por  to deliver truthful information and in the required times.

  • Ability to observe the multiplicity of actors and grids available in the  ecosystem that offers the hundreds of channels and the multiple platforms of  content.

  • It makes it possible to study “small” consumption phenomena or niches in relatively large groups of users  with the ability to add variance to the data.

Through our online consultation tool  our clients can view basic comparison analyses:

  • Stake

  • cumulative and average audience

  • Affinity to profiles

  • Average audience age

  • Number of times and average time they tune to each channel

  • Total consumption time of the channel in the day or period

We generate gender and age profiles, channel profiling  in terms of market segments and niches, and we optimize media plans. Through our tools, media plans are automatically generated by budget in terms of scope  frequency.

Other studies

We have various solutions based on our expertise.

Go To Market

Brand Strategy


Human Resources


Public opinion

business intelligence




start the transformation

let's talk

Let's establish the needs and strategic challenges of the organization. Write us and let's start the conversation

let's explore

Information needs, prioritizing those that directly impact the path towards transformation and growth

We propose

Solutions that can be turned into actions

we execute

Studies using data science based on scientific evidence

We analyze

The findings and we propose strategies in the short, medium and long term

we accompany

Throughout the decision process analyzing the results

Thank you. We will be in contact soon.

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