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New Executive Director of the multinational market research firm VíaCiencia

Izquierdo's mission will be to consolidate operations with the company's main countries.

In VíaCiencia there are more than 500 experts focused on different areas for the creation of knowledge ideas that make it possible for companies to have growth, progress and prosperity, the experienced ones of the areas are likewise multidisciplinary who bet both on the new technological spaces and the innovation to techniques for companies to achieve optimal decisions. ''We are talking about a generation of knowledge based on hundreds of experts from companies that have been consolidated for many years, via science was born from the union of the leading companies in Spain and Colombia in market research, but now with potential throughout the region. ''. Added Leandro Izquierdo to P&M Magazine. It should be noted that the new Executive Director directed the Colombian Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Companies for more than six years. Likewise, he is an undergraduate and postgraduate professor in the areas of market research and marketing at the Universidad de los Andes and the Universidad Externado de Colombia. The tools with which Leandro Izquierdo will develop to consolidate his idea of ​​working with Ibero-American companies is based on analysis and strategies. All this will be possible to exceed expectations in the areas of brand research, consumer experience, brand permutations, go to market, business intelligence, government and public opinion. Additionally, he will have as a focus of attention raising the recognition of companies and brands, to use transformation changes through studies that interpret brand reputations and in digital issues is to see how companies have evolved with them. and how they assimilate them to their benefit. ‘’The formation of this consolidation in VíaCiencia It is not simply as a project of a company in addition to market research, but as a network community of experts in which they make a leap in quality of information and are inserted in the Industrial Revolution 2.0 in that transformation of being a supplier of Data, but to be a generator of knowledge for the progress of organizations and society in general'' Now, with projections for next year to VíaCiencia, is to achieve an increase of between 30% and 40% in Ibero-American sales, with the support of the creation of the network of experts in the different areas of knowledge offered by this company. ''We have been growing, we have been consolidating, now we are starting, we invite all the professionals of that knowledge and that there are in different areas, in the universities, and in the research centers, to join our projects , to our network, but not only in our network of creating knowledge but also as technicians in statistical data collectors, in data analysts, data scientists, in which our groups of our projects will be able to enter '' . - Leandro Izquierdo Executive Director of VíaCiencia.

Now, it should be noted that the corporation created in Spain by leading companies in Ibero-America are the National Consulting Center (CNC), Analysis and Research Group, and marketteam, where its main sectors are telecommunications, banking, insurance, automotive, media, among others. In this way, with the new methodologies, it will be observed how the monetization of data is the new method of stable income. Article taken from

By: Juan Diego Gómez

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